The Wallabout Story


While adding to the vibrant tradition of Brooklyn’s culinary scene, Wallabout Market marks a return to simple seasonal fare.  The menu is a product of young creative talents in the kitchen paired with Caribbean influence and a little Brooklyn flare. Typical offerings involve daily market specials, jerk spices, and comfort food.  We aspire to become a favorite of the Fort Greene community; a locally-sourced restaurant where our fresh ingredients speak for themselves, and the brownstone atmosphere is familiar. 

Our name is conceived as a tribute to the historic district accompanying Wallabout Bay—a small body of water in New York Bay along the northwest shore of Brooklyn.  The area once included Wallabout Market—for a time the second-largest market in the world—which featured a host of local foods.

All told, at the heart of Wallabout is the notion that food can transport you; that the right combination of attentive service, quaint décor, and inspired cooking can create a uniquely joyous experience and memories to last a lifetime.  In all facets, Wallabout strives toward accomplishing this goal.

Sample, discover, share, and enjoy!

15 minute walk to BAM

20 minute walk to Barclays Center