The Wallabout Story


Hoping to add to the vibrant tradition of Brooklyn’s culinary scene, Wallabout Seafood & Co. marks a return to simple seasonal fare.  The menu is a product of young creative talents in the kitchen paired with a little Brooklyn flare. Typical offerings involve daily oyster specials, seafood stew, and whole fish.  We aspire to become a favorite of the Fort Greene community; a locally-sourced seafood restaurant where our fresh ingredients speak for themselves, and the brownstone atmosphere is familiar. 

Our name is conceived as a tribute to the historic district accompanying Wallabout Bay—a small body of water in New York Bay along the northwest shore of Brooklyn.  The area once included Wallabout Market—for a time the second-largest market in the world—which featured a host of local seafood arriving from New York Harbor and its surrounding tributaries.  

All told, at the heart of Wallabout is the notion that food can transport you; that the right combination of attentive service, quaint décor, and inspired cooking can create a uniquely joyous experience and memories to last a lifetime.  In all facets, Wallabout strives toward accomplishing this goal.  We hope that you join us to sample our oysters, or journey upstairs to the second floor where the high ceilings and hardwood floors create a ballroom-like atmosphere ideal for casual dining and private events.  

Sample, discover, share, and enjoy!

15 minute walk to BAM

20 minute walk to Barclays Center