The Best Wedding Space in Brooklyn

A wedding venue is one of the first things you want to decide on as an engaged couple. This is because it has an impact on other decisions pertaining to the decor, budget, vendors, and even your outfit. If you too are looking for the perfect weddings space in Brooklyn, Wallabout Market is where you have to be.

There are several things involved in a wedding or anniversary celebration and while most things from the choice of wearing a gown to the wedding cake can be avoided, the venue is something you can’t forego. It HAS to be just perfect.

With Wallabout Market, everything from the space, decor, lighting, to atmosphere, and ambiance will match your requirements. We also have an extensive menu with delicious preparations by our chefs to add some taste to your special day.

Weddings happen once and we ensure that our venue adds to making this day the best day of your life.

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